Saturday, November 2, 2013

What is your EQ (Emotional Quotient)?

Hello all! I welcome you once again to another blog post. First, I wish you & your family, near – dear ones a fulfilling, sweet & safe Diwali.

I’m happy to present another insightful, awakening story to you all today. So that you can celebrate the rest of the festive season & life ahead with a high EQ & not just the IQ.

Ms. Preeti was sitting at her desk in the office. She was working to finish some urgent submission. After a short while, at about 10 a.m. her colleague, Ms. Urmi too reached the office. And then, both of them started deciding about the changes to be made in the presentation which would be held the next day.

The discussion about the presentation went on fine for quite a long time. And at about 11:00 a.m. Preeti & Urmi started for the canteen to have breakfast. Meanwhile, Preeti started feeling uneasy. She felt giddy. Preeti was about to drop down, but, Urmi came running from behind & held her. Urmi immediately gave her water & the regular medicine. After a few minutes, Preeti felt fine. She was comforted & felt happy to have a concerned colleague like Urmi. 

When Urmi started helping Preeti to get up, Preeti suddenly remembered that Urmi’s meeting with the visiting delegation of Senior Managers was pre-scheduled & would begin within the next 20 minutes. So, she reminded Urmi about it. Urmi smiled & replied, “Preeti, I surely remember the meeting. But, it is after 20 minutes. And how could I leave you in trouble?” Preeti said, “But, you are the senior manager. Our boss would be angry if you delay for the meeting!” By then, Preeti & Urmi had reached the office cabin where Urmi worked. And still 15 minutes were left for the meeting to start. Urmi helped Preeti to enter the cabin, made her rest there on a cushioned chair, gave her own tiffin to Preeti to eat & replied, “Dont’ worry, take care. I felt that comforting you was more important than running for the meeting. See you later.” Then, Ms. Urmi, the Senior Manager of the company patiently left for the meeting, leaving a smile on Preeti’s face.

So, the EQ or emotional quotient of Ms. Urmi counted enormously in such a situation. And I think, it is the most important quotient which needs to be developed by each one of us. Because, it weighs by far from IQ (Intelligence Quotient), high salary & top corporate position. Money is surely an important aspect of anyone’s life but understanding someone’s emotions & being aware of one’s own emotions is much more important in our life.

So, friends, if you earn more and more money, you’ll become rich but, you’ll become super-rich when you’ll win peoples’ hearts with your kindness, compassion & sensitiveness. The wealth that you’ll accumulate after winning hearts would certainly weigh more than any wealth in this world. So, please try and balance your EQ and daily priorities like job, career & higher studies. Because, when you’ll be thirsty, you’ll need ‘someone’ to give you water & you can’t drink currency notes instead of water.

Take care, be sensitive & thank you for reading.

Meet you soon on next weekend!!

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