Sunday, October 13, 2013

How I improved myself!

Hello and welcome friends to a new blog post!

Today, I will be narrating one of the real stories of my life: It is about self – improvement.

I was very shy and introvert during my school days. I hardly used to interact or communicate with anybody except my parents, relatives & a close class mate. At times, I used to be afraid of speaking to any stranger or any new person. I was so quiet that my class teacher had to search me while she marked the class attendance everyday as she couldn’t hear my voice. So, it was difficult for her to spot me & didn’t know whether I’m present in the class or not.

Moreover, I was unable to speak and write an English sentence during the English language sessions in my school. Not only this, but also, I struggled extremely with English Grammar. Today, it is unbelievable, yet, I believe it that I graduated with English Literature & am able to communicate fluently with any person ranging from the age group of 1 & onwards.

Do you want to know how it all happened? Here is the answer.

I used to solve the Grammar tests that my teacher (English language) offered me after school hours. I read English newspapers & watched English news. Another important habit that another English language teacher of mine told all of us to follow was to refer a dictionary. So that we could find an unknown word in it & read as well as remember its meaning. So, obviously I followed her advice. And since then, till date I always refer a dictionary if I face any new word while reading or hearing someone.

Later, I started watching and reading interviews of several acclaimed, renowned, knowledgeable personalities through the interview shows featured on T.V. & those broadcasted through radio channels. So, it really added massively to & enhanced my previous knowledge.

During my under graduate phase i.e. prior to applying for a BA (Bachelor in Arts) degree programme, I participated in personality contests and essay or literary competitions. As a result, I accustomed  myself to new people, new challenges in life. Later, when I started my college life as a first year student until the stage of acquiring a BA degree, I enrolled myself for programmes of personality enhancement & communication skills.

Another interesting fact was that I didn’t at all know how to start a computer!! Today, it is again unbelievable that I’m successfully a student of a Master degree programme of Educational Technology. Now how all this happened is: my father Mr. Sanjeev Tipnis home schooled me for learning internet & I learnt to write emails, plus the basic functions of a PC by observing him & querying all the time about different controls on the keyboard. I also completed a basic course of computers during my studies in Junior college (Under graduate level). Then, I started using internet during my under graduate studies to compose relevant knowledge related to my subjects. Now, that I have started blogging during my post graduation is itself a proof that I have become tech savvy. Of course, I’m eager to dive deep into the ocean of internet & technology from here onwards. In addition to this, the decision of opting for a Master degree programme of 2 years was indeed mine.

Therefore, after looking back, I feel very happy, thankful & grateful that I was guided by the people in my life in the right direction. Also, the fact that I guided & improved myself also satisfies me; and motivates me to improve myself daily - knowledge-wise and technology-wise. I’m certainly not bragging or boasting of myself when I say so. I want to convey to you all that always continue to learn, upgrade & develop yourself with your own support & with the support, guidance of your 'TRUE' well wishers too.

So, I wish you all the best for life. And surely keep on IMROVING YOURSELF ALWAYS!!

Thank you. Meet you all soon on next weekend.

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