Sunday, September 15, 2013

‘What will you become in future?’

Hello friends..

Today I would like to tell you a short story. It is an incident from my life..although simple, it made me realize that I must be constantly aware about my purpose in life or my goal.

It happened so that I was at home on a Sunday morning..busy with my work as always.

The door bell rang..and it was a young girl at the door. I opened the door & saw the daughter of our neighbor standing over there. She studies in Std. 5th. Her name is Pooja*(name changed). I was really happy to welcome her & be accompanied by her. Everyone from her home had gone for some or the other work. So, she came to chat with me. We chatted right from the weather changes, her school life, her friends to each other’s interests. We had tea & snacks as an interval during our conversation. 

In the midst of our conversation, this young girl suddenly questioned me: ‘What will you become in future?’ Though I was completely focused about my career in future, I was speechless for a moment. Then, I thought & said: ‘I have decided to work in the field of e-learning.’ Then, I explained her what all things are done in this field; I mentioned about educational DVDs, computer-based learning, virtual class etc. So, thankfully Pooja could relate to it. Later, she herself told me that she was interested in Science & aspires to become a Scientist. Wow! Isn’t it? Such a young girl & such clear thoughts although at a primary stage.

So, this incident really made me realize that no matter how much focused I am about my career or goal in life..I need to be aware of it always.

So, friends you too be aware of your goals!! May be you too can be questioned about it by your prospective employers – at the interview desk - or even by a common person like Pooja. 

Be ready & up for your goal & always stand for it.

Best wishes.
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