Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Hello, how are you?"

Hello everyone once again!!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend..

Today, I'm really happy to share yet another experience from my life with you in the form of a story. The story is called:

"Hello, how are you?"

A few weeks ago, a school friend of mine called up & said, "Hi!! Sneha, this is Shweta(*name changed), your school friend.. How are you?" I was really happy to hear her voice after almost 7 to 8 years since we completed our school. I too enquired about her, her career & life.
She said she had several projects to complete & that she was waiting for an interview call within next few days. Then, she asked me,"What are you doing these is life?"  I replied,"I had to prepare for final examinations of my course." 

While conversing with her, I really felt that school days & childhood were the best days in anyone's life.
Because, once we complete school, all the huge responsibilities like assignments, projects means the 'work'

 has to be done with all the possible deadlines. 

We become so engrossed in a routine..schedule.. or timetable. The small time-table in school turns into almost a big time-table of life when we grow up. When I expressed this before Shweta, she too agreed upon it.

Yet, I completely agree that ultimately everyone needs to accept the law of life - of allotting oneself with & accepting the duties, responsibilities & job.  

But, at the same time communicating & sharing our thoughts, feelings, experiences with our near & dear ones, school or college friends or any of our family members who stay faraway from us. For example, the way my school friend Shweta did. I really appreciate her gesture of calling me up & happily sharing her thoughts with me. As a result, she made me happy too by making me spontaneously recall our school days..the teachers who taught us..the fun of annual gathering, Sports Day etc.

Don't you feel, the caring & concerned words,"Hello, how are you?" are really essential from someone? especially in the world of today - where we only have to send emails & continuously call our colleagues for appointment or meetings, track our deadlines & prospective clients!! While I'm writing this blog, I remembered..I need to call one of my friends to ask "Hello, how are you?"

Hope you too will be happy & comforted after calling up your near & dear ones who stay faraway from you..So what are you waiting for? Please pick up your phone & wish you a heart-to-heart conversation with your dear ones.

Thank you. 
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