Friday, September 30, 2016

Market your Content, Market Yourself!!

Hello everyone once again!! You read about content marketing as an overall concept in my previous blog. Now, let me be specific and tell why you should opt for content marketing? Sounds logical & helpful? Read on, to find more in store, my digital buddies!!

As you must have noticed, I said in my previous blog, ‘Content Marketing is the etiquette of gracefully presenting ones products and services without directly marketing them…A Content Marketing Strategy is a mouthpiece of the marketer and guide of the buyer.’ So, you need to do just that. So, let us get started…

Types of content: The realm of content spreads across the landing pages, email marketing, blogs, LinkedIn profiles, newsletters, product reviews etc. Amidst such an enormous Content Pool, won’t you aspire to rank as the topmost among industry players through content marketing? Of course, you will say a big ‘YES.’ Am I right? So, let us know more from Mr. O who recently opted for marketing his content.

Mr. O is a start-up entrepreneur who has a business of food products. His business took off well in the first year. Till then he only had flyer to promote his business which was distributed at different locations like exhibitions, food fests, his neighbourhood etc. Later, he started his website too to attract customers. Even after a year of such marketing, the number of clients was the same. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then, he asked one of his friends, who was a Content Marketer. She suggested him to rework the entire content.

What do you think she must have done? First of all, she identified the SEO terms which were specific for the food industry. She optimized the content (Flyer, website) with industry terms so that it was found on Google through relevant search terms. Her crisp, relevant, concise words were just enough to present the brand image of Mr. O in an innovative way. Then, during the next annual food fest, Mr. O distributed a brand new flyer & launched an enticing web content. It attracted buyers with a simple yet professional & winning content.

So, are you ready to boost your brand image with the magic of a few yet impressive words? Then, here am I to help you. Because, the content rules today’s market even before price. Have you ever observed a drop in sales without it being published in digital or print media? No. First, we read it and then decide our purchases, right?

Then, why not try out my #Contentwriting, #Copywriting, #Blogging services for your business, professional initiatives. No matter who you are…may be a start-up or established business group, solopreneur, individual or organization, NGO or Educational Institute or any entity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. I’m here to help you out. I will write winning & exemplary content for your social media, direct response mails, landing pages, online marketing, websites, brochures, resumes, blogs, articles, LinkedIn profiles, press releases, e newsletters, ad copies, video scripts & much more.

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Hang on to read a new article so that I can help you more and more every week. Please share your comments, suggestions for any new topics, questions or any help about content…

Thank you.

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