Thursday, November 19, 2015

How I won over a coconut!!

My MBA exams were to end within 2 days…and I was at the peak of completing all the question papers. I was really happy to have completed 3 papers successfully. And 3 more papers were remaining to be solved. But, then something really unexpected, terrible happened to me! Just two days prior to my last day of the online exam, I was hit hard with a coconut on my right hand!!! Yieeks! It pained a lot!! No wonder, it fell from a great height.

My hand was really blown up into a red, warm swelling. It was paining up to the shoulder. I stood a bit away from the coconut tree for a few seconds..holding my hand tightly to wait for the pain to recede a bit. I walked a few steps for 5 minutes or so. But, I realized that I had to go to the doctor to cure it. The pain was increasing..up, up and up! I went to the doctor and told her all that had happened. Being our family doctor and knowing me very well, she was upset to know about this incident. She immediately examined and happily declared, ‘Sneha, thankfully it is not a fracture. It will be fine with a 10-days long course of tablets, an ice pack every day and a relief spray…’ Phew!! My parents and I were really relieved. My doctor was very happy and told my parents, ‘Your daughter is really brave and a true fighter. She is undisturbed by the incident and smiling in spite of the pain..’ My parents were feeling proud and happy too just like me.

And, there I was going strong and positive to complete the last three papers of my online MBA exam. I had to type all the remaining answers with my painful, right hand too. Yet, I had to forget that I was ever hit by a coconut and continue my Mission MBA. I was bent upon finishing my daily target of 4 answers weighing 25 marks each. And, I indeed finished that target within the two, remaining days. The deadline for the last submission was 15th November, 2015 at 11 p.m. And, I was really proud to hit the ‘Submit’ button at 10.22 p.m. with all the answers typed out systematically and completed.

Woohoo!! I was overly happy, profoundly satisfied and rightly proud of myself. My self-confidence, grit, integrity, formidable spirit, immense mental strength really mattered a lot. I had to wield all these weapons of mental strength to pull off the target to the last moment. So, friends this is how I won over myself, the deadline and then consequently, won over a coconut!! Wow! What a battle!

Folks, always remember – Every obstacle can be fought and won with your mental strength, grit, integrity and fighter’s spirit. So, keep on battling out and living life positively. Wish you the best in life!

Take care and see you all soon, with another article…

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